12 Ways To Become More Independent

Are you an “independent” person? 

Have you spent any time thinking about or working on how to improve your own independence?   I am not talking about freeing you from the rule of a country, but actually freeing you from your own self.  Oftentimes you may be the person holding you back the most.  Independence is simply about control.  In terms of personal independence, there are four main areas of your life to examine and improve: Your Health, Your Finances, Your Career and Your Relationships.  Each one of these areas is reliant on the other and when you have more control over one of the areas, the other areas have a better chance to improve too.

1.  Your Health

Your first wealth is your health.  Without your health, you really can’t gain control over the three areas below.  To have healthy independence, you must be “free and not contingent upon something else for your existence.”  This includes daily medications for problems which are avoidable with good health habits.  You should be able to boldly move and go throughout your day without fatigue or fear holding you back. When you have your health in check, your life is set to improve.  Here are three simple health tips that can instantly increase your independence:

Don’t eat when you aren’t hungry.

Don’t stay up when you should be sleeping.

DOn’t waIT until something is physically wrong to take action.

2.  Your Finances

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can help with independence.  In order to enjoy financial independence, you must be free of relying on another or others for aid or support.  If you had to go to work today or the bills won’t get paid, you are not enjoying financial independence yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a plan today to make it happen.  The three tips below could be the best advice you can get in order to reach financial freedom:

Don’t spend your money on things you don’t need.

Don’t overextend yourself into debt.

DOn’t waIT to start investing in your savings.

3.  Your Career

You may think career independence involves owning your own business.  Although this can be true, you can still possess a competency that makes you independently stand out from your competition.  I am not saying you have to develop your own business, but I am saying you have to professionally develop yourself.  When you develop and grow your skills beyond others, independence is not far behind.  Along the way of building your talents, be sure to also follow these three profound tips:

Don’t get good at something you don’t like.

Don’t spend your life performing a job you aren’t passionate about.

DOn’t waIT until you are 65 to take a vacation.

4.  Your Relationships

To be independent, you need to think and act for yourself.  Your relationships, while critical, cannot be influenced or controlled by others if you are an independent thinker.  When your family, friends and associates accept and value your input, you will be empowered.  But remember relationships are a two-way street.  The following three tips will make sure your relationships stay on point:

Don’t miss a chance to tell someone something nice.

Don’t forget to laugh with someone every day.

DOn’t waIT too long to communicate a problem.

By: Martin Rooney

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