5 Things To Appreciate Today

Martin Rooney:

Do you have any “bridges” in your life? Are there any things you may not realize have a lot more behind them than it may seem? Here is a list of five things you may want to take a closer look at today:

Your Family and Friends
The magic is right in front of you. Don’t just see the greatness of the people around you. Let them know about it.

Your Health
You are living and breathing. Appreciate that fact and know a great way to make the most of each breath is to take someone else’s away.

Your Liberty
You have freedoms available you may have forgotten. You can think what you want to think. Be what you want to be. Do it!

Your Community
There are things available to you in your area of which you have not taken advantage. Get out and appreciate what it offers. See a park. Visit a restaurant.

Your Career
You have an important job. Remember why you do what you do. Then do it to the best of your ability.

Written by Martin Rooney of Training for Warriors

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